why choose mihi?

tate wearing brooklyn mihi sunglasses


we make the styles you love to wear, only smaller.

designed in new york and inspired by our favourite neighborhoods, mihi sunglasses are for mini style icons, ages 3-12 years.

the mihi sunglasses range


mihi sunglasses are made using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

all mihi sunglasses are lab tested to ensure compliance with CPSIA, FDA and AS/NZS standards.

several styles also feature innovative spring hinges - adding extra durability in case your mini hipster is prone to 'accidentally' bending the arms backwards.

lexi wearing soho mihi sunglasses


all mihi sunglasses feature polarised lenses which absorb 100% of UV rays and have high sunglare reduction.

you wouldn’t leave your own eyes unprotected against the sun’s damaging rays, so don’t risk their precious little eyes either.