about us

Why did you set up mihi?

we're two mums from different corners of the world (Sydney and London), who met at a mutual friend's bachelorette party in NYC. While living in the city, we often saw kids in the coolest little hipster outfits, but their sunnies never quite matched up - too many crazy colors and cheap plastic frames. We just didn't understand why kids couldn't get the same stylish designs that their parents loved to wear. Fast forward seven years, and after three new additions to our families, we finally got around to doing something about it, and launched mihi.

What makes mihi different?

mihi began for a simple reason - to bring cool, modern sunglasses to the kids' world.

our collection of sunglasses are miniature versions of the styles, shapes and designs that we love to wear ourselves, but perfectly tailored for the most discerning little people in our lives.  

And, of course, all of our glasses are polarized, with lenses absorbing 100% of all UV rays. 

What does mihi mean?

mihi stands for mini hipsters. As we worked with our designer, we wanted to create styles that matched the hipster lifestyles that many of our kids lead today - from sipping babyccinos in Brooklyn, to hitting the surf in Sydney.  

Where are you located?

These days Sarah is still living the city-life in New York's Upper West Side, with her husband Ben and daughter Lily. Nat has headed back to her native Sydney, where she lives with her husband Shaun and two daughters, Annabel and Olivia.

Sarah and Nat both love to travel (and visit each other), and keep up to date on the latest trends across the globe.